In compliance with Law 1581 of 2.012 and its Regulatory Decree 1074 of 2.015

  1. OBJECTIVE Publicize the information treatment policy implemented by the Athletics Wear S.A.S., in his capacity as responsible; in order to guarantee adequate compliance with Law 1581 of 2.012 and its Regulatory Decree 1074 of 2.015, which aim to develop the constitutional right that all people have to know, update and rectify the information that has been collected about them in databases or files, and the other rights, freedoms and constitutional guarantees referred to in article 15 of the Political Constitution, as well as the right to information enshrined in article 20 of the same.
  2. AREA OF APPLICATION The information treatment policy contained in this document will be applicable to personal data, registered in any database that makes them susceptible to treatment by Athletics Wear S.A.S.
  3. LEGAL BASE · Law 1581 of 2.012 Regulatory Decree 1074 of 2.015
  4. DATA OF THE RESPONSIBLE Business name: Athletics Wear S.A.S. domicile: Copacabana, Antioquia Address: Carrera 56 Nro 53 38, Email: Telephone: (+57) 3164547798

5.1 Responsible for the treatment of the information It is the natural or legal person who decides on the database or the treatment of the data, in this case the Athletics Wear S.A.S.

5.2 Database Organized set of personal data, which is subject to treatment.

5.3 Personal data It is any type of information that allows to identify a natural person and / or public or private legal entity.

5.4 Owner of personal data This is the natural person whose data is being processed.

5.5 Information processing It is the performance of any type of operation with personal data, among which is the collection, storage, use, circulation, and suppression of it.

  2. Inform clients, suppliers and collaborators of the company in a complete and comprehensive manner the present information treatment policy of Athletics Wear S.A.S. to comply with the Law and guarantee the rights of the parties.
  3. Billing Process:
  4. Payments
  5. Attention to opportunities for improvement, suggestions or congratulations.
  6. Keep the information reported in the Database.
  7. Send via email or physical medium:
  • Information related to our products and services.
  • Relevant information or announcements for the company.
  • Event invitations.
  • Send gifts that the company wants to send.
  • Manage information in order to comply with legal obligations and for the administration of suppliers.
  • Offers, contracts and agreements.
  • Letters and communications in general.
  1. GENERAL POLICY Athletics Wear S.A.S. will treat the information, which in any case will be limited to the objectives for which it was delivered, committing to make a correct collection, storage, use and treatment of the data, framed in confidentiality, integrity, veracity, transparency and availability of the information and databases of its clients, suppliers and collaborators; avoiding unauthorized access to third parties that allows knowing, violating, modifying, disclosing and / or destroying the information that rests in the Company’s databases. The owner of the personal data has the duty to supply Athletics Wear S.A.S., their personal data in a truthful, complete and timely manner: exercise their rights in due form, comply with the security measures that Athletics Wear S.A.S. adopt and / or recommend you adopt to protect the confidentiality of your information; periodically consult the information that the company has regarding privacy policies and update your information.
  2. SPECIFIC POLICIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA Athletics Wear S.A.S., as responsible; It will be governed by the following parameters in the operations that constitute the processing of personal data:

8.1 Treatment of clients’ personal data: The data and personal information of our clients will be considered reserved information and will rest in our databases, in accordance with this policy.

8.2 Treatment of personal data of suppliers: Suppliers will only be asked for the data that is necessary for the purpose of quoting, executing the contract and purchasing the product. or service that is required.

8.3 Treatment of personal data of Collaborators Athletics Wear S.A.S. will store the personal data obtained during the selection process of the collaborators in a folder identified with the name of each one, to this folder only the Human Management Area will have access, in order to administer the contractual relationship between Athletics Wear S.A.S. and the collaborator. Once the employment relationship is terminated, whatever the cause may be Athletics Wear S.A.S. store personal data and all documentation generated in the development of the employment relationship, in its file; also subjecting the information to security measures and levels. They will be kept to comply with Colombian law and to issue certifications regarding the relationship of the data owner with the company.

  1. RIGHTS OF THE DATA HOLDERS The exercise of these rights will be free and unlimited by the owner of the personal data, without prejudice to legal provisions that regulate the exercise of the same. The owners of the personal data collected in the databases will have the right to:

9.1 Right to know This right allows the owner of the data to request at any time, to be informed which of his personal data the company has and what is the use that it has made such data.

9.2 Right to update This right allows the owner of the data to request the updating of their personal data when they have had any variation; for which you must provide in a truthful, timely and complete manner the information you want to be included in the database and / or file of Athletics Wear S.A.S.

9.3 Right to rectify This right allows the owner of the data to request the modification of inaccurate or non-existent data; For which, you must identify yourself properly, explain what the inaccuracy or inconsistency consists of and provide the information you want to be incorporated into the database in a correct and complete manner.

9.4 Right to delete At any time the owner of the data may request that the data he deems necessary be deleted, for which he must properly identify himself and indicate what the information is delete, which includes the delivery of the supporting documentation required for this purpose.

9.5 Right to revoke his authorization The owner of the personal data may request, as long as he does not have a legal or contractual duty by virtue of which said authorization must be kept in force. </ span >

9.6 Right to request proof of authorization The owner of personal data may request, prove the existence of the authorization given in cases where by law it was necessary for the treatment of your data.

9.7 Right to present complaints and claims The owner of the data has the right to present Athletics Wear S.A.S. inquiries and claims in accordance with the laws that regulate them and complaint to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce or the competent entity.

10. VALIDITY OF THE POLICY The data processing will have a validity period equal to that established for the contractual relationship. This policy becomes effective as of December 16, 2016, which may be modified or updated by Athletics Wear S.A.S. in compliance with the Law.